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Sandy Run K-8 School
450 Old Swamp Rd.
 Swansea, SC 29160

Asst. Principal      
 Brenda Goodwin
Treda Keith
Phone Numbers


School Hours
M,W,Th,F 7:20am-2:50pm
Tues. 7:20am-1:50pm
Office Hours:
M-F 7:00am-4:00pm

 Important Dates and Sandy Run News:

Important Information

  • 7th- Labor Day No School
  • 14th-Send out Mr. & Miss Sandy Run Flyers
  • 17th-Interim Reports Issued
  • 18th-Hispanic Luncheon
  • 21st- Mr. & Miss Sandy Run tickets issued
  • 22nd- SIC Meeting at 5:00 pm, Parent Night (Standards)
  • 24th-Gator of the Month Luncheon
  • 25th- Hat day
  • 28th-DARE begins

  • 12th-Columbus Day School District Closed
  • 13th-Book Fair begins
  • 19th-Book Fair ends
  • 21st-Last day to collect funds of pageant
  • 22nd-Report Cards Issued, SIC 5:00 pm, Parent Conference 3-7 pm
  • 23rd- In Service No School for Students, Parent Conference 8 am-12 noon
  • 26th-1st Quarter Honors & Awards Program
  • 27th-Mr. & Miss Sandy Run Pageant 6:00 pm
  • 29th-Gator of the Month Luncheon
  • 30th-Related Arts Fall Dance

Our Mission
The mission of Calhoun County Public Schools, in unity with parents and community, is to provide an environment conducive to learning that challenges all students to reach their maximum potential for success in a rapidly changing global society.
Our Vision
We envision a school district where everyone works harmoniously in a safe and caring environment to help all students reach their maximum potential.

Important Information for the 2015-2016 

School Year


The School District of  Calhoun County  is certainly to be commended for the technology initiative that will be taking place during the 2015-2016 academic year.  Students in grades 3-12 will each receive a Chrome Book, which will be used in the classroom for instructional purposes.  We are certainly fortunate to have a district that understands and supports the importance of ensuring that all students are college and career ready upon graduation!